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Saturday, November 17, 2007

EEGAH ! 1962

Archie Hall was a supporting actor in B-movies and westerns for over 20 years before opening his ... all » own film production company. He produced one nudie cutie before deciding his 19-year-old son, Arch Jr., was star material and started building a career around him.

Now known as Arch Hall, Senior, he wrote, produced, and directed the movie 'Eegah' under the pseudonym of Nicholas Merriwether, played a sizeable supporting role under the name William Watters, put Arch Jr. in the lead, and drafted his own office secretary, Marilyn Manning, to play the female lead. Archie's wife, Addalyn Pollitt, has a two-line bit part in the last reel.

Only Richard Kiel, playing the prehistoric title character, had no previous ties with Arch Senior. His portrayal of Eegah is one of the most sympathetic monsters you're ever going to meet.

Arch Jr. not only gets to show off his acting prowess, but also gets to sing three tunes (About girls named 'Vicki' and 'Valerie', though his girlfriend's name is Roxy.) Daddy was grooming him to be a rock n' roll star, too.

Infamous goofs include quoting a verse of the Bible that doesn't exist, in the intended-to-be-profound epilogue.

What we end up with is a drive-in classic that's a lot more fun than it intended to be.

Elvira Midnight Madness Eegah Intro

Eegah Movie

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